Tips for Healthier Lungs – The Power of Breathe

If you are learning how to breathe properly, ventilate your home as much as possible, and eliminate mucus, you will see the results in the shortest time if you follow this set of healthy lung tips.

Healthier lungs with 5 helpful tips

Steam baths
Do you know what steam baths are? Deep inhalation of the vapors of herbal infusions beneficial for the lungs. They are an excellent method of healing respiratory diseases in children and a method for cleaning the lungs, especially for smokers.

How are steam baths made?
Boil 2 liters of water together with medicinal plants such as thyme, rosemary, chamomile, eucalyptus or pine. After 5-10 minutes, when the aromas of steam start to emerge, take the pot from the fire, sit on top of it and cover your head with a towel (be careful not to burn). Inhale deeply on the mouth and nose, alternately covering your nostrils for lung cleansing.

Get rid of mucus
You happen to wake up in the morning with the feeling that you have mucus-filled airways. Sometimes it can even cause respiratory congestion and obstruction of the bronchi. Here are two simple and easy tips and ways to clean your lungs:

Especially if the mucus has accumulated in the nasal cavity, wash your nasal passage with the aid of a neti vessel.

Be careful to eliminate foods that stimulate mucus secretion from your diet, until you feel better:

Milk and milk derivatives; especially cow’s milk.

Replace it with milk of vegetable origin.
Flour and products containing flour. Toast is healthier.

Learn to breathe properly
When it comes to the respiratory system, it should be noted that most of the time we do not breathe properly … because we forgot to do it! We breathe only as much as we need to survive, a fact that not only affects our lungs, which are used to working at reduced capacity, but also make it difficult to transport oxygen to all the cells in our body.

How can you learn to breathe properly?
We can best learn to breathe through yoga, meditation or Tai Chi. They focus on breathing and even teach us to breathe with different parts of the body: abdomen, diaphragm or chest.

Improve your night breathing
Usually we sleep 8 hours a night, that is one third of a day. That is why it is essential to make sure that our bedroom has a fresh and healthy air.

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