Fried Cheese Donuts, with Jam and Sour Cream

 Fried Cheese Donuts, with Jam and Sour Cream

Fried Cheese Donuts recipe with sour cream and jam, or fried no-yeast cheese doughnuts, a dessert that tastes like heaven. It only takes a few ingredients to put it together, but be sure that everybody will fall in love with them.

Fried Cheese Donuts, with Jam and Sour Cream



  •   250 g cows cheese
  •   3 tablespoons flour
  •   1 egg
  •   1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate
  •   1 teaspoon vinegar
  •   oil
  •   300 ml of sour cream
  •   1 cup jam –  as much as you like



Fried Cheese Donuts, jam and sour cream – a traditional Romanian dessert (originally from Moldova, more precisely), extremely popular. And no wonder, I’m absolutely delicious and make it easier than I think!

Learn to prepare the most delicious papanasi in Romania, following a classic and easy to follow recipe.

Fried Cheese Donuts, with Jam and Sour Cream

Method of preparation:


  • The egg beats well in a bowl. Add the precious bicarbonate mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar.
  • Add cottage cheese and mix well. Then add the flour gradually until it is incorporated, mixing with your hand.
  • From the resulting dough, shape a kind of cocoons with a hole in the middle and an equal number of balls from the same hull.
  • In a deep and large pan that does not stick, put the oil in the hot. Fry both the donuts and the balls until they are nicely browned on each side.
  • Draw on a paper napkin to drain, then sneeze with cream and jam, as in the picture.


  • Nutrition Facts
  • Amount Per Serving
  • Calories 1189
  • Saturated Fat 15g75%
  • Cholesterol85mg28%
  • Sodium731mg30%
  • Potassium78mg2%
  • Total Carbohydrates37g12%
  • Sugars 14g
  • Protein11g22%
  • Vitamin A5.4%
  • * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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