Cancer-Fighting Foods to Include in your Diet

Cancer-Fighting Foods to Include in your Diet

Cancer can be difficult to treat, but is easily preventable. A fair and complex diet with key foods that fight cancer cells can make a difference. Here’s what foods you can rely on to fight this disease.

Cancer-Fighting Foods to Include in your Diet


Consumed in moderate quantities, red wine in particular keeps some properties from the grapes from which it is made and is very healthy. More and more doctors recommend a glass of wine a day to prevent cancer and for better blood circulation.

Cruciferous family vegetables.

These are vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower. They have many properties that prevent cancer and a wondrous element, namely selenium.

Green tea.

Start the day by drinking a cup of green, hot or cold tea.

Vitamin D.

It’s not just a food, it’s an ingredient that also helps prevent cancer. Several studies have shown that it specifically prevents colon and breast cancer. Vitamin D is found in eggs, mushrooms, fish, sleep, salmon, sardines or mackerel.

Folic acid or vitamin B9 is part of the vitamin B complex, which also contains anti-cancer properties.

People who have a diet that does not contain at least a little folic acid, are more likely to develop cancer. Vegetables with green leaves such as asparagus, beans, peas and lentils are rich in folic acid.

Vegetables that are dark green.

They overlap with those in the cruciferous family and include spinach and beets. They contain beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin and are rich in folic acid.

Cancer-Fighting Foods to Include in your Diet

Beans and lentils.

Their properties are associated with low risk of colon cancer.


Even though most studies show that chocolate does not have a very good effect on our body, it looks like it contains catechins, antioxidant substances that offer protection against heart disease and cancer.

Forest Fruits

There are antioxidants and elagic acid that prevent tumors from growing.

Exciting cocktails.

Try to mix all of the foods I talked about above in a skim or yogurt cocktail. You will get something extraordinarily tasty and overwhelmingly healthy.


It is a plant in Southeast Asia that you know more as a spice. What you did not know, however, is that it has powerful anti-cancer properties. Research has shown that it blocks the growth of cancer cells and reduces them to 80%.

Papaya leaf extract

A study by the University of Florida has demonstrated the strong properties of this extract against several types of tumor. And this without having any negative effects on the body, as is the case with chemotherapy. Moreover, the extract can be administered in the long term, without it having side effects. Another study has shown that papaya leaf extract can fight many cancers, including cervical, breast, liver, lung and pancreas.


Friend of turmeric, ginger is another key food against cancer. It has important antioxidant properties, plus anti-inflammatory properties that are welcome to fight this disease. And researchers have confirmed it has the power to shrink tumors.

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Its benefits have been known since ancient times, but how many of you knew he was a hopeful ally against cancer?

What’s more, garlic is one of the most important anti-cancer foods. Scientists put this on account of its ability to produce hydrogen sulphide, which prevents the appearance of cancer in the prostate, breast and colon.

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Cancer-Fighting Foods to Include in your Diet

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