What Hollywood stars eat: healthy celebrity-approved diets

The diets of the stars have always been concerned with women, because we start from the idea that if the stars have managed to lose weight, we must succeed.


Of course, it is clear to us that stars do not always choose the healthiest methods and that their gestures sometimes shock public opinion. In this article, we only promote stars who have undergone a weight loss regimen that does not damage the whole. We also need to keep in mind that celebrities often have to keep their diet and lose weight because otherwise they lose a few million dollars in cinema contracts, conferences, or publicity.

Hollywood Stars Diets

Diet followed by Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is one of the celebrities in vogue at the moment. From age 12, Jessica Alba has decided to modify her daily diet so that she does not take on the scale and not resemble other family members who are already overweight. “Everyone in my family is overweight. I wanted to be healthy and that’s why I started cooking myself since I was 12 years old. At breakfast, I eat omelette and fruit or cheese and a peach. At noon I eat a salad. Dinner is usually made up of fish, chicken or vegetables. I do not really eat dessert or bread. I rarely eat a yogurt with fruit, chocolate or candied fruit, “the star said about her daily diet. She has a balanced diet and stays away from carbohydrates. The Hollywood star holds a healthy diet and can be a model for other people in this regard. In addition, the actress makes sports almost an hour every day.

Diet of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer has the motto that everything should be moderate when it comes to eating. The star does not drink alcohol and when it needs to lose more cuts from sweets and pastries (carbohydrates). In addition to the diet, the Hollywood star performs sports, especially cardio, yoga and weight lifting exercises. In some magazines we find the information that Jennifer Lopez uses grapefruit oil and she wears oil fillets on her. This grapefruit oil emits a flavor that affects the enzymes of the liver – which leads to weight loss. Tests on animals showed that after they were exposed for 15 minutes three times a day to the smell of grapefruit oil they lost weight and had a low appetite.

Oprah diet

Through the Oprah showcase, many Hollywood stars are coming to talk about the diet they are following. And Oprah herself talks about how to make it weaker: especially avoid carbohydrates from bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. In addition he makes sports every day. Oprah prefers frozen dessert from fruit juice because it does not have many calories and it lasts a lot until it finishes and thus satisfies the need for sweetness. Oprah said her great regret is that she had lost many years of her life trying to control her weight. In his show, the star promoted the consumption of green tea, which due to the caffeine content and maintaining an optimal level of insulin helps to lose weight.

Diet followed by Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum showed up on Victoria’s Secret podium just two months after he gave birth. The star has taken pictures every day to watch her body change over the weight loss course. The star held David Kirsch’s diet called “The Ultimate New York Diet”. In Phase 1, in the first two weeks Heidi avoided any food that causes bloating. She did not eat any dairy or fruit. In the second phase she chose to eat tuna, red, quinoa, many vegetables in general. In the third phase of the diet add the proteins of lean meat or eggs.

Angelina Jolie’s Diet

The actress follows a strict diet rich in fish, lean meat and plenty of water. Diet rich in quality protein generally benefits if it is doubled by sports and water consumption. To play the famous Tomb Raider movie, Angelina Jolie spent a few months on a special diet. “I had to give up cigarettes and coffee and eat steam-cooked foods, vegetables and soy milk. It was an exciting experience because before I used to skip breakfast and drink and smoke. “Jolie told the World Entertainment News Network. Not long ago, Angelina gave birth to twins – a little girl and a boy, and since the hospital the actress asked for special food. “Angie eats only organic foods and keeps a diet rich in Omega-3,” said a friend of the star. The Angeline Jolie menu includes organic salmon with tomatoes, black bread and cereals, spinach, organic vegetables, and almonds, apples or honey as a snack.

The diet that Janet Jackson follows

The way Janet sank (almost dramatically) in 2006 captured the attention of the whole world. In addition to sports, she has a personal nutritionist who follows her daily diet. The singer takes 2-3 daily meals that are designed to keep all the nutrients he needs. As the diet progressed, she also introduced vegetables, berries and frozen fruits. In just six months Janet Jackson shed 27 pounds! Do not believe it is so easy. The star makes sports three times a day, abdomen, cardio exercises and more. Janet confessed that she was previously marked by the yo-yo diet in which you lose weight and get fat. Janet Jackson appeared in the US magazine “Us” shortly after he lost weight and then, one year later he appeared again on the cover to show that more than the fact that he was weak was the fact that he managed to maintain his weight.

Janet Jackson’s regime is about 1300-1650 calories a day, with 3 meals and 2 snacks. At Breakfast – 4 egg whites, 1 yolk and half grapefruit or maple syrup or 2 slices of turmeric ham. At snack – protein shake. At Lunch – green lettuce with grilled courgettes, grilled chicken with olive oil, lemon dressing. At snack – a little cheese and fruits or almonds. At Dinner – grilled tuna, wild rice or steamed rice

The regime of Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer is one of the mannequins that followed a healthy diet and maintained its silhouette over the years. The star does not eat anything but fruit before lunch. The rest of the meals focus on steamed vegetables, salads, fish, tomato juice, black grapes and herbal tea. To keep a healthy metabolism Claudia Schiffer eats three meals a day.

Here are some of Claudia Schiffer’s suggestions to eat more fruit in a creative way:

Grilled pineapple.

It sounds weird, but when you put pineapple slices on the grill, the sugar contained in it will caramelize and accentuate the sweet feeling. You can add lemon juice or mint and it will become even more interesting!

Bananas in the oven.

Simply put the banana in a bowl and put it in the oven at 180 ° C. Then cut along, throw the casing and serve with a little ice cream.

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