Parsley – Detox juice with great benefits

If you want to make a healthy cure for the body, find out about detox with parsley juice. Discover the fruits and vegetables below which detoxify and how this green can help you remove toxins from your body.

Parsley juice is a concentrated and nutritious version: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and volatile oils. The detoxifying parsley helps clean the liver and kidneys, the main organs dealing with the elimination of body waste.

Super Food Profiles have made two recipes for parsley detox cure. A parsley juice, combined with other active ingredients that remove toxins, and a second recipe is a smoothie with other detoxifying fruits and vegetables such as cucumber and melon. Read the information you need before starting the parsley detox cure.

Detox parsley with parsley also has side effects

Although parsley helps detoxify the liver and kidneys, although it has many other health benefits, it is important to know that parsley juice should not be used by pregnant women or people taking blood thinners. And people with kidney problems should limit the consumption of parsley, the oxalates in this vegetable being toxic to the affected kidneys.

Parsley juice + vegetables and fruits that detoxify the body

The parsley juice is considered too strong in its own right, so it is recommended to be mixed with other fruits and vegetables. Of these fruits and vegetables, nutritionists remember:

  • Melon is recommended in detoxifying cucumber with parsley
  • Melon juice cleans kidneys, and seeds have benefits for kidney stones.
  • Celery helps the liver
  • Celery makes the liver stronger and helps the kidneys work best.
  • Red beet removes toxins
  • Beet or beet juice is effective in cleansing the liver of toxins. Helps purify blood and remove calcium and oxalate deposits.
  • Carrots absorb heavy metals in the body
  • Carrot juice helps detoxify the whole body and is especially recommended for the kidneys. Carrots absorb pesticides and heavy metals from the soil.
  • Cucumbers have a diuretic effect
  • Cucumbers are diuretics, eliminate uric acid and kidney stones. Cucumber peel is full of antioxidants, but it is important to choose organic vegetables.
  • Lemon is a perfect complement to parsley juice
  • Fresh lemon juice dissolves minerals stored in the kidneys and prevents the oxidation of vegetables used in juices.

How to prepare parsley juice

It is important to have a blender or a juicer that extracts all the nutrients and can make juice from parsley and vegetables with green leaves in general.

Discover the recipes recommended by nutritionists for parsley detox cure in the following rows:

Detox cucumber juice with parsley (2 servings)

  • 2 or 3 medium organic carrots
  • 2 strains of organic celery
  • 1 medium red beet
  • 1 organic organic cucumber cucumber (without bark if not organic)
  • Juice of 2 small or large lemons (without salsa)
  • 1 medium spoon of organic parsley, soaked in warm water and a little apple vinegar


If you make the juice in the juicer, put the lemon juice in the container, along with the ice. Thus, parsley will not oxidize. Add all ingredients to the juicer, alternating between hard and soft and more juicy ingredients. Push the parsley into the juicer with the hard vegetables. Mix well the composition and drink immediately. He sucks the juice slowly, because he does not keep it for later.

Recipe of smoothie with fruits and vegetables for detox(2 servings)

For detox using parsley, you need the following ingredients:

  • ½ organic parsley
  • 2 small lemons, no seeds
  • 1 organic cucumber chopped

Melt with seeds all the way in the blender

Mix these fruits and vegetables to detoxify until parsley becomes paste. It is advisable to consume this smoothie as soon as you have prepared it.

Take this detox cure for just a few consecutive days (maximum one week).


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