Exercise that You Can do at Home

Exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit and have a constant body weight. While food plays a major role, physical training helps with the diet.

By practicing them regularly, you will prevent the effects of sedentary, activating metabolism to reach the weight you want.

Effective are also a few minutes a day.

You will get benefits for both physical and mental health.

The problem is that many people think that physical training is done only in the gym, and because time is limited, they remain inactive. Aside from this excuse, there are, however, many simple and effective exercises that you can do at home without the need for an expert near you.

 Here are some of the exercises you can do at home and deliver great results:


This exercise involves the majority of the body muscles, especially the abdominal area and the lower back.

By practicing it for 30 minutes, metabolism will work more efficiently and the tone of the muscles and skin will be improved.

A set must have 30 flotations. Practice two sets each day.

Side tilt

Lateral tilt is a variant of the previous exercise that tones the muscles and increases physical strength.

What should you do:

Stretch out on a mattress on your left with your legs stretched out, then lift your body up, leaning against your left forearm.

Raises the hips until the body forms a straight line from ankles to shoulders.

Drag the right ankle with your right hand to your buttocks.

Stay in this position for 15-20 seconds and then rest.

Repeat three sets on each side.

Lateral stretch

Stretching is the best exercise for buttocks, legs and all the muscles in the lower body.

We want to offer you a side-effect that helps you burn more calories.

 What should you do:

Stand upright.

Removes legs, holds back straight, moves body weight from one leg to another, so the hips are tilted back.

Rotate the heel as you leave your knees to maintain balance.

Return to the starting position and repeat with the opposite.

Perform three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions each.

The “crab cover”

Crab coverage involves a lot of energy and works the muscles of the abdomen and all the upper part.

What should you do:

Get down.

Stretch your hands behind and put them on the floor (just as you do when you practice the bridge).

Raise your hips as hard as you can and try to form a straight line from shoulder to knee.

In this position, he raises his right arm over the left and holds it for 3 seconds.

Return to the original position and repeat with the opposite.

Repeat between 10 and 15 reps.

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Exercise that You Can do at Home

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