Beyonce’s Detox Recipe – Lemonade diet with maple syrup and cayenne

The most popular slimming and detoxifying cure is followed by Beyonce with lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne. The lemonade diet has become famous all over the world after Beyonce has stated several times that he has weakened and maintained his silhouette with this method.

Lemonade diet with maple syrup and cayenne

If it is your choice for the weekend, it is good to know that you are not allowed to consume any solid food. The combination of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper is very popular on the Internet, and is found under several names, master cleanse, lemonade diet, cayenne diet, etc.


What’s right, no matter how unlikely it is to stimulate metabolism with some wonderful ingredients, well chopped chilly peppers known as cayenne pepper hurries burnings into the body! According to molecular biologist Helen Kollias, a natural cayenne pepper substance called capsaicin stimulates the hormones that cause intense burns of calories. This speeds up heart rate and breathing, and we burn more calories by default. Lemon juice is easily absorbed by the blood stream. Maple syrup makes the drink tastier and provides fewer calories. Some versions of this diet also recommend tea with a diuretic and detoxifying effect.

Master Cleanse Detox Diet “Lemonade”


The Master Cleanse diet exists since the 1940s and increases in popularity every time a celebrity uses it to get rid of a few pounds for a role in a movie. Beyonce promoted this diet that was followed by thousands of followers. Diet is not necessarily a weakening plan, but it also works. Its purpose is to stimulate metabolism and detoxify the body for a few days in which only a drink made from mineral water / lemon juice, maple syrup and Cayenne pepper is consumed. Can you withstand a weekend?


DETOX Lemonade Recipe:




10 tablespoons of natural lemon juice;

10 tablespoons of maple syrup;

2 liters of mineral or flat water;

6 teaspoons of cayenne powder pepper.




Ingredients mix, and lemonade is consumed throughout the weekend.


We recommend adding 4-5 teaspoons of psyllium fiber in the 2 liters of lemonade as it cuts out of your appetite and detoxifies the colon. If you still feel hungry, you can cut slices of cucumber or apple juice. Shake the apple slices with cinnamon, because it also helps slim down by lowering your blood sugar.

Beware, when you suddenly and quickly lose weight, there is danger of getting fat back. Therefore, even if the weekly program is crowded and we need energy, it is advisable not to suddenly return to a rich calorie diet. Exercise and balanced nutrition are the only ones that can maintain our long-lasting beauty.

For example, if you buy Cayenne pepper for lemonade, you can also use it for steaks. Chicken or turkey breasts, skinless feet can be included in the slimming cure next to salads or pasta and konjac dietary rice. Cayenne pepper can be used as an ideal spice because it supports metabolism and causes you to fill up faster.


Psyllium fibers already purchased for lemonade diet are also recommended in the diet during the week. 2 teaspoons of psyllium a day can be added to any beverage you consume (water, orange juice, green tea).


And if you feel the need to soften the coffee, sugar will be avoided using maple syrup or capsules (leaves or powder) from the stevia plant.


Studies have shown that 1 g of spirulina corresponds to the nutritional value of 1 kg of vegetables. If you are using a slimming cure and do not consume enough fruit and vegetables then the spirulina capsules given according to the manufacturer’s instructions can be welcomed, especially because they do not bring too much calories!


So what are the ingredients for a long-term slimming and detoxifying treatment?

  • lemon juice;
  • flat / mineral water;
  • pepper cayenne
  • maple syrup
  • psyllium bran
  • cinnamon;
  • stevia for calorie-free sweetening
  • spirulina

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