Sparkling Water Myths- Are they True or Not?

Myths about sparkling water- are they true or not?

Is carbonated mineral water healthy or not? Does it balloon, cause acidity, or is it more nutritious than flat? We are talking today about 5 myths about sparkling water and we find out what is really the truth.

Sparkling Water Myths- Are they True or Not?


Myth: sparkling water is not as moisturizing as flat water


False. Because sparkling water is … water, we can not believe it is less moisturizing. In addition, a study by the University of South Carolina, on a sample of several hundred people who had just finished an hour of sports, proved that sparkling water is as moisture as the flat. Moreover, the specialists have noticed the tendency of people to drink a larger amount of carbonated sparkling water, compared to the flat, because of its pleasant taste.


Myth: Sparkling water is harmful to teeth and bones


Partly true. Carbonic acid, formed when oxygen meets carbon dioxide, can erode the surface of the teeth, but only in very large quantities. So we could say it is true if you drink only sparkling water, at least 2 liters a day, for many years. The effect is so subtle that it will never visibly affect your teeth. With regard to bone health, all studies conducted so far have shown that sparkling water does not affect bone density.


Myth: Fatty sparkling water


False. Sparkling water balloons you for a moment, especially if you drink a bigger quantity. That’s why you can have the false feeling that it gets fat. Moreover, it may even help you lose weight. Bottles of sparkling water can give you a feeling of satiety, which helps you not to feel hungry during a diet, especially on an empty stomach or between meals.


Myth: Sparkling water causes gastric burns


False. Sparkling water itself does not cause stomach burns or gastric reflux in healthy people. Instead, if you suffer from gastritis, chest burns or any gastric condition, talk to your doctor before choosing between flat and sparkling water. Due to increased acidity from other causes, sparkling water can aggravate unpleasant symptoms.


Contraindications of sparkling water

There are also situations where carbonated water is contraindicated, but your doctor will prevent you from doing so. For example, patients who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome should completely limit the consumption of carbonated sparkling water as this water accentuates the symptoms specific to this syndrome.

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