5 Mistakes you Make in the Kitchen (and How to Avoid them)

Of course you make at least one of these mistakes. I know, because I did it and sometimes I even look and I repeat it. But they are to be avoided for various reasons. See what the 5 mistakes you are sure to do in the kitchen and how to avoid them!

5-Mistakes-you-Make-in-the-Kitchen-(and How to Avoid them)


  1. Cutting with a dull knife

5 Mistakes you Make in the Kitchen

It’s not a matter of aesthetics of cut vegetables and cuts that do not look as good, but rather crumble as it is about your safety. The chances of cutting you in the kitchen with a dull knife are much higher than with sharp knives. So, when it does’nt cut well anymore, take another knife and rub  between them. You do not even need a special device and take up to 2 minutes. Finally, do not forget to wash the knife after sharpening, so as not to sprinkle food with iron filings.


  1. Keep the fried potato oil

5 Mistakes you Make in the Kitchen

In itself, this is not a problem, because most of the time potato oil can be reused, not having the burning point when you fry potatoes, except for accidental situations, where you forget the oil is hot and you do not fry anything. So keeping oil is not the problem, but how you do it. And do you keep the oil in a dedicated saucepan, which, after use, at most hides it in the oven or in the closet? Well, the oil exposed to the air not only fills up with dust and impurities, but also makes it much easier to juggle.

How is it best to proceed? After each potato roasting, let the pot cool down, then squeeze the oil used and store it in a jar. Wash the saucepan and put it in the closet until the next use, and put the lid on the jar and store it in a space like the pantry.

Thus, the saucepan will always be clean, and the oil in which you fry the potatoes will always be clear and odorless or dusty.


  1. As for the oil …

5 Mistakes you Make in the Kitchen

Do you have extra virgin olive oil in your house? Do you use it somewhat also in spice / quality or other preparations that require thermal treatment? If so, you are wrong. Why? For financial reasons, if not for other reasons. Extravirgin olive oil, for the quality of being the first olive press, costs substantially more than simple olive oil. And, of course, thermal preparation greatly reduces the quality, so why waste it?


  1. Use the same cutting board for … anything

5 Mistakes you Make in the Kitchen

Prepare some pieces of meat for the grill, but you feel like a salad goes along, right? Well, next door, but not on the cutting board. Do not use the surface that you put the raw meat to cut fresh vegetables or other preparations you do not want to prepare them for, as the possible bacteria on the meat that die from the heat will survive the vegetables and eat them in the salad .


  1. Do not preheat the oven

5 Mistakes you Make in the Kitchen

It’s true, it’s not the case for all the dishes that need the oven. For example, if you prepare a vegetable casserola or roast in the oven, there is no problem: you will leave the preparation a little bit more baking than is indicated by the recipe. But if we talk about recipes where precision is everything, like eclair or marshmallows, it is very important to preheat the oven at the indicated temperature in order to respect the recipe and get a preparation exactly the original.


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