Lemon Water – 6 Great Benefits for your Beauty and Silhouette

Lemon water may be the best way to start your day. This seemingly trivial combination hydrates, gives you energy and has many important benefits for beauty and health.

Here are some of the most surprising benefits of lemon salty water for your beauty:

1. Reduces inflammation and irritation of the skin

Consumed regularly, lemon water quickly reduces any inflammation and heals the dermis irritations.

2. Make your skin luminous

A regular consumption of lemon-rich water helps the skin become brighter and cleaner. Water helps remove toxins from the body, and lemon vitamin C cleans the blood and maintains skin full of vitality, with no blemishes or fine wrinkles.

Consume daily a teaspoon of honey mixed with lemon juice and warm water to see remarkable results.

3. Keep you supple

In addition to keeping your skin healthy, lemon water helps you lose weight. This wonder-drink stimulates metabolism, craves appetite, reduces appetite, and thus loses weight quickly and healthily.

4. Refresh your breath

Lemon-filled water helps you always have a fresh breath after you eat, drink or smoke. Smoking, for example, dries the mouth and leads to a bad breath, but the lemon water moisturizes it intensely and refreshes the breath.

5. White  teeth

Consumed regularly, the water in which you squeezed fresh lemon juice helps remove stains on your teeth.

6. Strengthens nails

Lemon water is an external treatment with wonderful effects on fragile or patchy nails. Prepare a mixture of two tablespoons of lemon juice and a glass of water and soften your nails for a few minutes in this mixture.

Beyonce’s Detox Recipe – Lemonade diet with maple syrup and cayenne

Lemon Water - 6 Great benefits for your beauty and silhouette

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